We are living in an extraordinary time in history. A time where an invisible enemy, the COVID-19 coronavirus has stopped the world in its tracks. Entire countries are currently in lock-down, and whole populations like here in Belgium are asked to stay at home to stop this virus from spreading any further.

I don’t know how you are experiencing this period of enforced time-out, but I sincerely hope and wish that you and your family are well. I hope that in these very insecure and trying times you can hang in there. That you find strength within and means to stay hopeful and mindful of your future, and hold in your hart the knowledge that this too will pass.

I know it isn’t easy to stay hopeful and mindful of one’s future in these challenging times. However, if you ask we what helped me the most over the last 20 years, then it is my focus on the future I had designed on purpose.

Living on and with purpose has given me meaning in life, and meaning has given me access to resources, I thought I didn’t have. Resources to transcend my fears and focus on the opportunities of the moment.

I see how this living on purpose is helping me to cope better with today’s challenges. Today, I’m experiencing this moment – where I had to close my osteopathy practice and have become technically unemployed – as an opportunity.  An opportunity to go within again, reflect on new scenario’s of the future, but also more pragmatically, focus on the things that I’ve kept on postponing for the right moment.

Writing the second book in the Futurize Yourself trilogy is one such opportunity for which I have time for now. After “Design your life on purpose” it is thus time to manifest into reality “Evolving on Purpose”.

However, I’m aware that from starting to write to actually having the book published, a year or two might have passed. With everything happening in the present, I wonder if the content of my book will still be of value by that time? Probably, as I consider it timeless information, but at the same time maybe you, the reader might find strength, meaning and benefit in the information, lessons and principles today. So I’ve decided to blog my writing as I go along. This means that the text will be unedited and rough at the edges, but I hope you’ll excuse me for that.

Also personally I just don’t want to wait 2 years or more to learn the lesson I need to learn. For me, writing is a huge learning and growing process, and I can highly recommend it. I know writing is not everyone’s cup of tea, but when you have the potential within and are called upon it don’t hesitate, just start.

So, today is the moment to seize the day, live and create my and (y)our future history. Today the perfect moment where we all need to become more aware of the result of our future, our actions and change our behaviour to match the future we want.

So far we could say that our actions, and in-actions, our “Que sera sera” attitude and outdated biology are responsible for the situation that we are in now. We’ve turned a blind eye to the obvious and waved it away with the believe that this only happens to others. Today, you know it happens to you and your family. Today, we need to come together, think, take responsibility and act towards a new way of living tomorrow, and evolve on purpose.

The secret to living your future history is creating it on purpose.

The purpose of taking you on this “Futurize Yourself – Evolving on purpose” journey is foremost an attempt to elaborate on the steps between design and realisation of your future history. How after finding your potential to deploy your potential from a future perspective and thrive in these fast-changing times.

This book will be written in a way you don’t need to have read my first book ‘Design your life on purpose.” However, I do recommend it as it does build upon the lessons learned there. You can download the first chapter for FREE on my website www.futurizeyourself.com.

You have your future, and that of the world in your hands so make it meaningful and one you and others will be proud of.

With Love & Light


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