Don’t miss the future

Failure to adapt is, failure to exist The above phrase comes from futurist Gerd Leonhard and before you continue reading I invite you to watch one of his inspiring short-films. “Business, as usual, is over. This crisis is a test of our humanity. Scientific hyper-collaboration is now the new normal. The ‘United States of Europe’ …

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Feeling the Future

I Feel, Therefore I Am, The Affect Revolution. How to use feelings on purpose to motivate you, monitor and negotiate the future you want to evolve into. Can you feel the future? No, don’t be silly the future doesn’t exist yet, so how can you feel it? Feelings are, after all the mental experiences of …

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Feel it on purpose

Feelings versus Emotions Feelings, yes, let’s talk about our feelings and not about emotions for a change. Although they are closely linked with each other, there is from a neuroscientific point of view, a difference that is interesting when you want to evolve on purpose. Feelings are mental experiences of body states. In other words, …

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DON’t start with why!

Why is not the first question any more, but what is? I’m not sure if you’ve seen Simon Sinek’s TED talk “How great leaders inspire action.” Yes, the video with more than 40 million views about the golden circle or better known as the video on ‘Start with Why.’ In this video Simon Sinek explains …

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A happy twist of fate

Today, while making the most of the beautiful weather I was – and it shouldn’t come as a surprise – contemplating about the very strange and confining situation we’re living in. At the same time I was thinking of the sense this all had in a larger perspective of the concept I’m so much drawn …

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It’s Friday morning, I’m sitting at my desk in my office at home. If this had been a regular Friday morning, I wouldn’t be sitting here. No I would have left home on my bike hours ago and just like on any other regular weekday morning I would be at my osteopathy practice treating patients.  …

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The purpose of taking you on this “Futurize Yourself – Evolving on purpose” journey is foremost an attempt to elaborate on the steps between design and realisation of your future history. How after finding your potential to deploy your potential from a future perspective and thrive in these fast-changing times. This book will be written …

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