My Book

Futurize Yourself, design your life on purpose” is my first book (2018).

In “Futurize Yourself” I describe my transformation story, how three questions saved my life 20 years ago, gave me a sense of purpose and helped me find my potential which in turn helped me to transform myself from a good for nothing, depressed, suicidal and unhappy person to become on purpose the international therapist, speaker, trainer and  author I was born to be.

In a fast-changing world where more and more is digitised and automated it is what makes you unique, your potential and skills that will become the most important quality to navigate the changes ahead with success and for being healthy, happy and fulfilled.

Futurize Yourself is a guide how to find your innate potential to become who you were born to be from within.

Dear Tom,

I want to thank you for writing such a wonderful book. I read it this week-end and managed to shed a tear, probably because I have empathy but also because I could relate to what you have been through, trying to discover your inner self along the way.  I too at a certain time went to see someone to understand how I was functioning, and was eager to progress with workshops on personal development. It helps to find people who can confirm your findings are not unrealistic, but genuine.

It was interesting to see your viewpoint for the future and the importance of being present in a changing environment.

I wish you all the success you deserve, and that you contribute to the change in people’s attitude to one another.

Muriel Lowe